Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

As per the general rule, the website of E-Visa to India does not collect any personal information of the users who explore this website for various purposes. You don’t need to provide any personal information while exploring this website, until you choose to provide the same on the website.

Site Visit Data

The website of E-Visa to India tracks the records of your visit to the website for statistical purposes. From your server address to type of browser you are using, it records everything but does not reveal the same anywhere. It is entirely meant for internal purpose. This process helps us to know the visitors and understand their behavior while visiting the website.

Please Note: No information related to your browsing activity will be shared with anyone, except in the condition when a law enforcement company comes with a warrant to inspect the log of the service provider.


The website of indian online e-Visa does not use cookies. A cookie is actually a piece of software code which a website transmits to your browser during your visit to any website while accessing certain information.

Email Management

When you opt to send a message us, your email id will recorded and saved in our database for future references. Here we ensure our visitors that their email id will be only used the purpose for which they have sent us the mail. It is not meant for any other purpose by any mean. If required, we will ask your consent before disclosing or using it for any other purpose.

Collection of Personal Information

In case, we ask you to provide your certain personal information then it is our sole responsibility to inform you the purpose for the same. We will clear your doubts and tell you the actual purpose of asking the same. Without your consent, we won’t use personal information.

In case, you find that any of principles referred to this privacy policy is not followed in actual way, you are free to contact us @ +91-7895123689; +91 6399923689 or simply write us at

Note: We are not responsible if you go to third party page. Therefore we request you to remain connected this website while exploring it. You are sole responsible for clicking or exploring any unauthorized or third party link apart from the website of Indian Online e-Visa